Meet Our Team

We are extremely proud of our dedicated team. Our team is special because it centers around your pet and you. We are simply here to assist with all their veterinary needs.

Learning and education are very important here at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. We strive to have a state of the art hospital with a staff trained in the latest medical advances. We believe our patients deserve the very best veterinary care.

Our team is comprised of animal lovers. We treat each patient like our own so you know they get plenty of love and attention during their visits.


Dr. Suh - Dr. Janet Suh is a UC Davis graduate with over 20 years of experience in various positions in the veterinary field. She specializes in giving top notch individualized care as a general practitioner and as a pet rehabilitation specialist. She received additional training from the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine to obtain her Certified Canine Rehabilitation Professional Certificate (CCRP). The additional training in rehabilitation allows her to provide treatment plans encompassing advanced energy-driven modalities, active modalities, manual therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Suh has two dogs, a dachshund named Frankie and a cockapoo Chelsea . Dr. Suh's favorite movie is The Lion King. Her favorite beverage is a caffè americano and she loves treating herself to a manicure and pedicure. The song that always makes her smile is "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and her favorite workout song is "Eye of the Tiger" by Katy Perry. The furthest place she has traveled is Melbourne, Australia but would love to visit Tokyo, Japan. She loves making her kids laugh and watching TV with her husband.


Kate - Kate is the Office Manager at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. She has two cats, Simon and Cali, and two golden retrievers, Sadie and Blue. Her favorite drink is Pepsi and she enjoys spending her time off doing anything outdoors, preferably anything near the beach. She wishes to visit Australia but has only traveled as far as Boston, Massachusetts. Her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas and her favorite color is teal. Her favorite song is "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd and her favorite workout song is "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. One thing she has crossed off her bucket list is sky diving but still would like to go shark cave diving.


Sabrina - Sabrina is a Veterinary Assistant at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. She has three dogs named Cara, Rosie and Chubbz. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite drink is an ice cold lemonade. On her days off, she enjoys listening to anything by Led Zeppelin and going on walks in nature. Sabrina's all time favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and her favorite workout song is "Countdown" by Beyonce. She would love to travel to Germany and has been as far as New York. 

kKristine - Kristine is Veterinary Assistant at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care.  She loves watching Dodger baseball and dreams of traveling to all the MLB stadiums one day. Her favorite beverage is a cold brew coffee and favorite color is purple. The furthest place Kristine has traveled to is Cancun. Her favorite movie is Remember the Titans and her favorite song is "I" by Kenderick Lamar. To get her workout started, Kristine listens to "Run the World" by Beyonce.


Clara - Clara is a Veterinary Technician at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. She has one cat named Will and three dogs named Felipe, Merle and Missy. Her favorite drink is chai tea and she enjoys spending her time off at the movie theatre. She dreams of traveling to Japan but has only traveled as far as Hawaii. Her favorite color is pink and loves all Marvel movies. Her favorite song is "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner and her favorite work out song is "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce.

ARAlex - Alex is a Veterinary Technician at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. She graduated from OCVAS in November of 2020 and anticipates to take her VTNE in August of 2021 to be a registered veterinary technician. When she isn't working, she enjoys trying new food at different restaurants or doing anything outdoors. Her favorite movie of all time is Goodfellas and her favorite color is black. The two bands that get Alex pumped during her workouts is System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine. She currently has a 6 year old pug named Rocky and hopes to get a kitten in the near future. She has traveled to the Bahamas and hopes to travel to Greece someday. Alex has gone cliff diving in Mexico but would still like to cross sky diving off her bucket list.


Sami- Sami is a Veterinary Assistant at Healthy Paws Veterinary Care. She currently has one dog named Lola but would like to get a puppy as soon as possible. Her favorite color is pink and she loves iced coffee. Something on her bucket list is to be a race car driver for a day and something she has crossed off her list is cliff jumping. Her favorite song is "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" by Justin Moore and enjoys cycling to "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. Sami's favorite travel destination so far is New York but she would love to visit Greece.

Relief Veterinarians


Dr. Servantez

Dr. Cynthia Servantez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and received her bachelor of science degree in Biology from St. Mary's University.  Dr. Servantez later studied Bimolecular Neuroscience at the Masters level at the University of Texas before gaining acceptance into veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences and graduated in 2010.  Dr. Servantez later received her certificate in shelter medicine from the University of Florida. She then worked in shelter medicine for 7 years and later transitioned to emergency medicine but still always have one foot in the sheltering world.  I am an adjunct professor in shelter medicine for Western University School of Veterinary Medicine.  My professional interests include population healthy, neonatal care and soft tissue surgery. 

Dr. Servantez currently has two dogs, a 6 year old pappillon mix and a 7 month old Great Dane mix.  Her all time favorite drink is Texas sweet tea and she loves anything by The Rolling Stones. During her free time she likes to sew and bake. Dr. Servantez childhood dream was to become a veterinarian, but she still wishes to set up a spay and neuter program internationally. The furthest she has traveled is to Thailand but would love to visit India and Africa.


Dr. Talcott

Dr. Emily Talcott is a relief veterinarian who fills in when Dr. Suh is not available. Dr. Talcott graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and received her veterinary degree with honors from Ross University in 2008. She has been a veterinarian in Southern California ever since and loves helping pets and the families who love them. Dr. Talcott has an eleven year old golden retriever mix named Freddie Mercury and two cats - Sonny, a 14 year old cat who was Dr. Talcott’s surgical patient as a tiny kitten with a fractured hip in veterinary school, and a 20 year old deaf, happy tabby named Cat.  Her favorite beverage is iced coffee and her favorite color is the hue of the ocean at Crystal Cove. Dr. Talcott loves zombie movies, live music, being outdoors, and chasing after her twin 8 year old boys. The band that makes her happiest is “Queen,” and she loves to do pilates or walk in nature to “Days Like This” by Van Morrison. Dr. Talcott spent a month in Japan, has traveled all across Europe, lived in the Caribbean on an island for three years, but will never forget working with lions in Zimbabwe or the famous penguin colony outside of Cape Town in South Africa.


Dr. Hopkins

Dr. Ashley Hopkins is a 2015 graduate of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is a Michigan native and previously practiced veterinary medicine in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. While in veterinary school she enjoyed a wide range of learning experiences, including time working with farm animals in Northern Michigan, and working with shelter pets at a local humane society. Her undergraduate degree is in English literature, and it was after graduating that she discovered her love of veterinary medicine while working as an assistant at a small animal clinic. Dr. Hopkins' professional interests include dentistry, soft tissue surgery, and ultrasound. She loves to discuss the importance of dental health and preventative dental care with her clients!

Dr. Hopkins has a sixteen-year-old greyhound mix named Yoshimi, with whom she has enjoyed taking many obedience and agility classes. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, birding, hiking, and going to farmer's markets. Her favorite movie of all time is Inside out  and her favorite color is jade. The furthest Dr. Hopkins has traveled to is Italy, but she hopes to visit Korea someday.

Dr. Brenes


Dr Kaytee Brenes is a 2004 Davis graduate and completed a 1 year medical and surgical internship at

VCA West LA.

She loves surgery and emergency work. In her time off she loves to read, travel and eat good food. Dr. Brenes has been fortunate enough to safari in Kenya and Tanzania and hike Machu Picchu in Peru.  Throughout her lifetime she has traveled to over 30 countries. Her favorite recurrent trip is to Costa Rica, where her father emigrated to the US from. Although she has traveled across the globe, she still dreams of visiting Thailand. Dr. Brenes favorite move of all time is Sound of Music.

She has 3 kids, a German Shorthaired Pointer, a Great Dane and a 6 pound calico Scottish Fold ninja kitty who rules the home. 

Specialty Doctors


Fred C. Brewer IV, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Dr. Fred Brewer is a board certified (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) veterinary cardiologist. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology and received his veterinary degree from Cornell University in 2009.

He has a keen interest in electrophysiology, has extensively studied the canine sinus node, and has published in veterinary medical journals. Additionally, he is experienced in the management of complex arrhythmias and the treatment of refractory heart failure.

In addition to providing the best quality of care for his patients, Dr. Brewer is an avid surfer and enjoys playing water polo, traveling, and photography.


Caroline Page, DVM, DACVIM - Small Animal Internal Medicine 

Dr. Page is our small animal internal medicine specialist. She graduated veterinary school from the University of Cambridge UK. Shortly afterwards, she did her intensive residency training at VCA All Care in Orange County, CA. Working as a boarded internal medicine specialist her interests include endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunology. She travels to our Healthy Paws Veterinary Care upon request for diagnostic ultrasounds.


Zachery Smith - Board Certified small animal surgeon

Dr. Zachery Smith is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He specializes in complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. He is a traveling orthopedic surgeon who visits Healthy Paws Veterinary Care when an orthopedic case arises requiring surgery.  He has also had the privilege of lecturing both domestically and internationally on topics such as elbow replacement biomechanics, novel therapies for canine arthritis including Platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cell therapy, hyaluronic acid and intraarticular injection treatment. These special interests carry over into his clinical practice with a pursuit for continued advancement in options for both minimally invasive and surgical therapies.

He attended California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo where he achieved Summa Cum Laude for his BS in Animal Science. He continued his education at the University of California, Davis where he graduated with Phi Zeta honors and achieved his doctorate in veterinary medicine. After graduating, Zachery completed a small animal internship at Animal Specialty Group (ASG) in Los Angeles before completing his training with a three-year surgical residency with Sage Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care.  Zachery Smith was the medical director for Veterinary Medical and Surgical Goup-OC for two years and continues to serve the clients of VMSG as a staff surgeon.


Melissa Fisher Goldman, LCSW  

Melissa Fisher Goldman, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience in hospice care both in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Melissa opened a private practice back home in Orange County in 2012. Melissa has an expertise in end-of-life care, bereavement and grief and loss counseling. In addition to her private practice, Melissa is the Clinical Director of Our House Grief Support Center Orange County and Camp Erin Orange County a grief camp for children. She has worked with people from all walks of life with many different reasons for seeking therapy and has found that no matter the reason for which a client seeks counseling it always comes down to coping with what she refers to as Life's Transitions.  All life transitions come with some element of grief and loss.  Melissa knows some grief can be stigmatizing and therefore people feel ashamed asking for help.  As a lover of animals and with a fur baby of her own, she knows that dealing with an aging or ill pet as well as the death of a beloved pet can be just as difficult as any other life transition.  Melissa can help you through these transitions with comfort and ease.


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